Winter 2023

How We Deliver Christmas From Our Home to Yours

the CFG Editors

Have you ever questioned the source of your holiday evergreens?

Grown on the historic terrain of Mount St. Helens, Washington, our High Mountain Blue Noble® is favored for its distinctive deep blue color and the longevity of its needles. Harvesting these firs is challenging due to the tough mountain terrain and variable weather, requiring our team to align with the unpredictable pace of nature.

Delivering Christmas from our home to yours begins with a commitment to sustainable forestry.Annually, we plant over 600,000 seedlings, knowing that every time we plant a tree, we're making a 50-year-long business decision. Our practices are recognized with MPS-A+ Certification and American Tree Farm SystemCertification. 

The work at our Mount St. Helens farm starts in April after the snow recedes. The initial efforts are focused on plowing snow to give access to our logging crews, planting new seedlings, maintaining roads, and preparing the tree farm for fall harvest.

The intensive work starts in September, marking the onset of our Christmas season. This period sees us welcoming a significant number of seasonal workers through the H2B program, integral to our operation.

Harvesting forChristmas is led by our skilled cutters, a role that demands both strength and resilience, as they handle noble fir boughs, each potentially weighing a pound, with bails averaging around 60-100 pounds. Helicopters are then utilized to swiftly move these products over the challenging terrain, ensuring we keep them fresh. The journey of our fresh-cut Noble Firs doesn't end there; they are transported by semi trucks to our Shelton, Washington facility directly in to our cooler facilities. Here, our production team crafts the final products, adding a touch of holiday magic. We create an array of items from garlands to centerpieces, all made from our noble fir.

From our rugged mountainside to the cozy corners of your home, we're honored to be apart of your holiday traditions.

 From our home, to yours.

Videography by Matty Photo

the CFG Editors

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