Freight, Logistics and Distribution

With production facilities on both coasts and multiple distribution centers throughout the US, we understand that timely and efficient shipping and distribution are key to delivering the freshest greens to our customers.


Floral Freight

Continental Floral Freight (CFF) provides logistics support for Continental Floral Greens (CFG) and operates throughout North America. CFF has been providing transportation solutions to many of CFG’s core customers for the last 9 years and prides itself on reliability, proper carrier selection, and real-time tracking.

CFG customers are provided a range of services, including 53 ft Refrigerated, LTL, Intermodal, Air, Ocean, Customs Service, and more.


  • Belfair
  • Shelton


  • Watsonville


  • Deland
  • Miami


  • Forest Grove

North Carolina

  • Sparta


Our Routes

We run four consistent lanes almost every week and are committed to providing our customers with reliable and efficient freight service.

The Continental Floral Freight Difference


We pride ourselves in on time pickups and deliveries to your vendors. You will experience fewer supply chain disruptions.


With multiple locations for farming, production, shipping, and receiving, CFF leverages our annual freight volume to negotiate competitive freight rates, ensuring our customers receive the highest quality service and value 52 weeks a year.


With around-the-clock monitoring, CFF provides full shipment tracking from load pick-up to arrival at the receiver’s dock and completion of the load.


Continental Floral Greens has been providing freight brokerage and logistics services to its customers since 2014. CFF has been a standalone division of CFG since 2020.

Progress Updates

Daily updates, appointment scheduling, reefer status, and location status is all part of the service you will receive. Customers can rest assured their freight is in safe and reliable hands.

Ethical Business Practices

CFF strives to be honest and transparent in all its dealings and is committed to upholding strong moral and ethical principles and values.

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Perishable Shipping

Our Carrier Services

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Refrigerated Carriers Services

Continental Floral Greens takes great care in ensuring our products arrive at their destination in top condition. To achieve this, we utilize not only our internal logistics team, CFF, but also a variety of many common refrigerated carriers within our industry specializing in the transport of flowers and greens.

Looking for specifics on Refrigerated Freight or Air carrier information at any of our farm or facility locations? Fill out the contact form below.

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Direct Store Delivery

Our team can help customers identify the best carrier options to meet their needs, based on preferred shipping location, size of shipment, and time of year. Our commitment to quality extends throughout the entire shipping process, and we're always exploring new ways to ensure that our customers receive the freshest greens possible.

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