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A Journey into the Complex World of Christmas Greens


Decking the Halls: A Journey into the Complex World of Christmas Greens. Written by our customer and partner, DVFlora.

As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to provide a behind the scenes look at how our commitment to growing and shipping Christmas Greens takes center stage throughout the entire year. The Christmas planning begins very early, with the capture of orders coming as soon as February for the upcoming holiday shipping season. This strategic approach allows us to better prepare our internal planning processes seamlessly with the needs and desires of our valued customers

As spring comes around, the rhythm of our operations intensifies with the securement of orders for essential items such as rings, bows, and berry picks in the months of April and May. This early procurement ensures an important foundation for the craftsmanship that goes into creating some of the more popular holiday products you know and love.

As we transition into the heart of summer, specifically June and July, our focus undergoes a strategic shift toward labor projections. Ensuring we have the right team in place becomes paramount as we prepare to assemble a workforce of over 500 seasonal experts during the peak of the season. This dynamic team plays a crucial role in bringing to life millions of fresh holiday products, ranging from the classic elegance of wreaths to the festive allure of garlands and the centerpiece creations that grace homes with seasonal splendor.

When August arrives, we are in full swing!   Our main focus becomes planning the harvest schedule, coordinating machinery, and even reserving helicopters (yes, helicopters!) for smoother operations. By September, our facility in Shelton, WA, spanning 50 acres, becomes a bustling hub of festive Christmas greens…kind of like Santa’s workshop, except with greens instead of toys.

As we move into October and November, it’s harvest time!  We prepare to cut and ship our Christmas orders, which consist of over 200 truckloads of Noble Fir alone. The Noble Fir harvest begins in early October and concludes by mid-November, a tight window of just 45 days or less, depending on the whims of “Mother Nature.”

In these pivotal months, the buzz around the office and production facilities is palpable, resonating with the anticipation of the festive season ahead. The tedious planning, early order capture, and strategic labor projections culminate in a symphony of activity, creating a vibrant tapestry of holiday products that will soon find their way into the homes and hearts of consumers around the country.

Year after year, we refine our processes to ensure smoother operations. We’re committed to delivering products of the highest quality and addressing any concerns promptly. Our passion for both our land and our creations drives us to work tirelessly, ensuring that you’ll cherish our products as much as we do.

Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, backed by our unwavering guarantee: We make it right, or we’ll make it right.

3 phtoos showing noble fir being transported by Helicopter
Transporting Noble Fir by helicopter to navigate the rugged terrain and maintain freshness.


Care and Handling from Continental Floral Greens

We are so happy you chose Continental Floral Greens as your evergreen supplier this holiday season. We are very lucky in the greenery business, as our products tend to not only have a long life in the cooler, but in the vase and on display as well.

Here are a few tips to keep your products fresh in the cooler, on display, and in the homes of your customers.

    Everything you can store in the cooler will prolong the life until ready for display or sale. This is the best way to extend the life of evergreens if you have the space.
    We recommend opening product boxes in the cooler so that cold air can recirculate through the box if your products did get heated in transport. Once the temperature is reduced, you can close the box again until ready for use.
    If you do not have cooler space, store your excess evergreens in the coolest, darkest space you can find. This will help keep the evergreens fresh until display and sale.
    Whether on display indoors or outdoors, keep your evergreens out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources.


As you sell our products, educating your customers on a few simple rules to prolong the life of their holiday greens is key.

Below are a few tips:

  • Hang wreaths in a dry location, out of direct sunlight (if possible) and away from heat sources. They will dry out more quickly indoors, and the sun can burn the needles.
  • The commonly advertised “garland on a mantle above a fireplace”, although beautiful, will dry it out very quickly! Our Garlands are best used on a table, banister or door, out of direct sunlight.
  • Bouquet Grade and Bulk products should receive a fresh-cut after purchase, and before going into a vase or centerpiece. Change the water and re-cut stems every few days.

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By DVFlora November 16, 2023


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