Spring 2023

Care and Handling Instructions

Flowering Branches Care Guide

the CFG Editors

Flowering branches can transform any space with their elegant charm. Learn how to care for them, ensuring they bloom beautifully and last longer with our expert guide.

Care & Handling Instructions for Flowering Branches

1. Remove the bunches from dry packs as soon as possible; do not store them in the box for longer than 3 days

2. Cut each stem at an angle approximately 1” from the bottom

3. Place stems in 3” of water to properly rehydrate your branches

4. If using the product later, store them in a cooler at 36°- 38° F.

5. Recut the stems and change the water every few days

What to expect: Flowering branches should blossom 5+ days after being properly hydrated. Frequent recutting of stems and changing of water will allow the product to last longer. To speed up the blooming process, keep the branches in water in a warmer part of your warehouse. To slow the process, keep them in the cooler.

the CFG Editors

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