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Christmas Planning

the CFG Editors

Christmas 2022 is well underway for Continental Floral Greens, and we are already planning Christmas 2023.

Continental Floral Greens’ Christmas is a year-round topic, as planning happens almost 365 days a year. To have a successful holiday season we should all be thinking a year or more in advance.

It may seem early when we ask for your orders in June, but it is the only way we have time to prepare for harvest (we are the grower), purchase our hard goods, and plan our production team and schedules.

We typically employ over 1000 people to help us deliver a successful Christmas to you – and they come back year after year to help create our Christmas offering.

With all of the uncertainty and surprises that have come over the last few years, it has shown us in even more ways why planning ahead is paramount to success - from harvest, labor planning, hard goods purchasing and production, the earlier we know the faster we can react to any unforeseen issues. 

As you are in Christmas 2022, make sure you are making notes for Christmas 2023. We are also.

And remember, we will be asking for your prebook in June, with many items needing an even earlier commitment.

Are you ready to plan now? So are we. Call our team to solidify your order for 2023.

Need a bit more persuading to plan ahead? Learn more about our harvest, sustainability and product lines here.

the CFG Editors

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