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We grow a diverse offering direct from our CA farms. From spiky laterals to lush and full greens, there is a variety for every use and style.

Unique to this area of agricultural producers, a program has been implemented to use recycled water for crop irrigation. The purple-colored piping seen on our farms and others indicates recycled water is being used. This lightly processed water decreases the need to use potable water for many crops and is something very important for this beautiful coastal region.

We’re proud to bring you a full range of greens from our California farms.

Coastal California
Popular Varieties
Eucalyptus, Curly Willow, Pittosporum, Euonymus, Olive
Certified American Grown
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Our Sustainability Practices

Learn about our day-to-day practices that contribute to the well-being of our farms, people and planet.

Crisp greens leafs lay on top of each other.

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