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Palm Sunday with EcoPalms

the CFG Editors

Did you know we partner with EcoPalms? As we celebrate this Palm Sunday, we reflect on the deeper shades of green in our palm branches.

Comador Harvesting
Christian churches distribute palm branches to worshipers on Palm Sunday, which is the sixth Sunday of Lent and the last Sunday before Easter. Customary Palm Sunday observances include the waving of palm branches in procession, the blessing of palms, and the making of small crosses with palm fronds. We partner with EcoPalms! A premium supplier of palm branches for churches for use on Palm Sunday. Eco palms help support villages in Central America by providing environmental and social justice.
Comador Harvesting
Why a "Fair Trade" Palm?
  • Palms protect valuable natural forests because they provide income to forest communities.
  • Palms are sustainably harvested and managed protecting the palms and the forests they need for shade.
  • To improve income and living conditions for the communities gathering the palm.
  • To protect the palms and the important forests from which they are gathered through sustainable harvest programs.
  • The palms are sustainably grown and harvested in Mexico and Guatemala.
Popular palms for the holy holiday are Palm Buds,Comador Jade, Comador Emerald, Phoenix Roebelenii, and Palmetto Fans.
For more information, check out EcoPalms Website
Harvested Comador
the CFG Editors

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