Summer 2020


Oregon Roses and CFG

the CFG Editors

Continental Floral Greens is taking over Oregon Roses farm and operations!

Oregon Roses and CFG

 We are excited to announce a new alliance between Continental Floral Greens and Oregon Roses. The goal is to combine product lines and increase distribution and production capabilities to create a one-stop shop for current and new customers of both companies, that will be serviced by Continental Floral Greens.

Oregon Roses has proudly served the floral community for over 80 years growing unique and high-quality floral products. Continental Floral Greens has a long-standing relationship with Oregon Roses, and have purchased many of their products over the years. It was a natural union benefitting both companies.

“This new and wonderful opportunity of cooperation allows us to continue our supply chain, as well as expand and form a strategic plan to carry on. Through this new relationship it is our goal to provide our loyal customers with an innovative, value added and streamlined system. By forming this union, we will be able to offer more than we could individually. This alliance allows the creative customer tremendous opportunities moving forward.”

Katie Teufel Hyneman, Owner, Oregon Roses

“We are super excited to have Oregon Roses as part of our family of farms. Their unique variety of products combined with CFG’s current product line creates an exclusive offering of cut floral greens, flowers and finished products for our customers.”

Jim Milgard, Owner, Continental Floral Greens

Oregon Roses entire product line will now be offered exclusively through Continental Floral Greens. For existing customers of CFG please contact your sales rep for further information about these exciting new products. For Oregon Roses customers, a CFG sales rep will be contacting you soon.

For additional questions on the new alliance between Oregon Roses and Continental Floral Greens, please reach out to FJ Trzuskowski, VP of Sales at CFG. He can be reached via email or phone:, 208-720-1925.

Thank you very much for your support during this transition and your commitment to Oregon Roses for over 80 years.  

For more information on Oregon Roses, please visit:

the CFG Editors

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