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Keeping up with Seasonal Demand

the CFG Editors

The holiday season is here!

Our seasonal wreath and garland makers have arrived at our facility in Washington. Production starts this week and continues through the beginning of December. We can’t believe it is already that time of year!

Many of our seasonal workers come from the Belfair, WA area, but with increased demand year over year, we must supplement our labor with workers utilizing the government sponsored H3B program.

As one of the first to utilize this program, and allows us to offer seasonal, full time employment to an eager workforce. Many of these individuals travel year after year to work for us and feel a vested interest in our Christmas production. 


Wondering why our company needs seasonal labor?

  • We use all the local labor that we can find, and supplement this with the H3B program workers.
  • With the season running from October 1 through December 10, the local area labor has not been plentiful enough to fulfill this demand.
  • Continental Floral Greens needs over 300 workers for our Christmas production!

Does this program benefit the workers?

  • The program supplies steady work and workers earn at a higher rate of pay than in their home countries.
  • Many workers reinvest their earnings in better schooling for their children. Some buy property, build homes, or start businesses.
  • In 2017 the county commissioner in Villa Guerrero, Mexico held a ceremony in the hometown where many of our workers come from. The commissioner stated that the effect of the workers bringing a portion of their income home was a very positive development for the community.

Do you have returning workers each year?  

  • This is our 15th year utilizing this program, and we are privileged to have workers that return each year.
  • Our average tenure is 5 years

“It is a demanding job, requiring both skilled agile hands and also an eye for beauty. Continental Floral Green’s hand-tied wreaths are as much an interpretation of the individual wreath makers own artistic individuality, as they conform to specific design protocol.” 

-Scott Schauer General Manager, Pacific Northwest

As a company we are proud and grateful to be able to utilize the H3B program.  Our employees are what make this company great!

the CFG Editors

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