Fall 2019


Harvesting for the Holiday

the CFG Editors

Fall is in the air, a sure sign our holiday greens harvest is about to begin. From the soil to the finished product, it is important for our customers to know where their Continental Floral Greens holiday greenery comes from, and the sustainable practices we have in place.

Mt St Helens

We own 9,000 acres of High Mountain Blue Noble®.

Our Noble Fir farm is located in the shadow of Mt. St. Helens, at the ideal elevation over 3,000 feet. Our farm is unique - growing in nutrient rich volcanic soil. You'll experience the difference in its deep blue color, denser needle-span, unmatched strength, longevity and needle retention. Unlike the lumber or logging industry we do not grow our trees for height; we grow them to produce beautiful boughs year after year.

  • We do not over-cut, leaving a stronger base for new growth.
  • Each tree can be harvested every two years.
  • We top trees to promote branch growth. Topping the tree doesn’t harm it, but redirects the energy to produce stronger and more beautiful boughs.
  • We use helicopters to help us move the boughs from cut to cooler as efficiently as possible.
  • Our High Mountain Blue Noble harvest is from September until the snow falls.
noble fir pine cone

70% of our forest seeds naturally. 

For the Noble Fir tree, that means its cones naturally fall and reseed the soil. For the remaining 30%, we replant seedlings from our land when they reach approximately 10” tall. 

We hold a prestigious MPS-A rating.

The MPS organization certifies farms and greenhouses based on their environmental impact and is a globally recognized certification in this industry.

  • We have the A rating. This means our products coming out of the Pacific Northwest have a very low environmental impact. They are sustainable long term. Customers that buy product with this certification can show that the product they use or sell doesn’t harm the environment.
  • MPS helps monitor and reduce use of water, energy, fertilizers and crop protection agents. This program has over 4,000 growers in 55 countries around the world. Only a small number of other cut foliage growers in the US have earned an A rating.
high mountain blue noble

What makes us different?

We not only have our own farms to harvest High Mountain Blue Noble® and other holiday greens, but we manage more than 2.2 million acres of privately-owned forest land throughout the Pacific Northwest.

We offer sustainable harvest strategies and security to maintain and improve these forests. In return, we have the ability to harvest salal and other small forest products from these acres. In many cases, our harvest and safety protocols have set the standard for many of the largest timberland companies.

A sustainable harvest ensures we have beautiful and functioning forests far into the future. 

the CFG Editors

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