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For the Love of Peonies

the CFG Editors

Known for their fluffy and large flowers, Peonies are loved throughout the world for their extravagant blossoms. Alone or in a mixed bouquet, they have an elegant natural beauty, and a delicate unforgettable fragrance.

Peonies thrive in the Northeast, Northwest and Midwest regions of the US. They grow best when after planting, the plant is exposed to the prolonged cold of winter. This process (known as vernalization) helps the Peony acquire the ability to flower. It takes until the 3rd year of their growth cycle to safely begin harvesting them.

Depending on the variety, Peonies will bloom from late April to early June.

We grow multiple varieties of Peonies in Forest Grove, Oregon. Our varieties are Herbaceous Peonies, which are the most popular and cold-hardy of Peonies. We grow both field-grown Peonies and greenhouse Peonies to ensure availability for Mother’s Day and into the summer.

We grow three distinct types of peony blooms:

  • The Semi-Double bloom

Peonies that have more than one row of petals emerging from the crown of the flower give it a layered look.

  • The Double Bloom

The most popular type of Peony bloom is where the Peony has multiple rows of petals emerging from the center and looks as if they have no stamen.

  • The Bomb Variety

The largest and fullest form of a Peony flower, with a pompom-like bloom that appears to be made purely of petals and no stamen.

Our Varieties:

the CFG Editors

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