A history of quality,
a passion for greens.

We got our start back in the 1950s, when our founder first began selling Comador Fern out of the back of his station wagon. Today, with new ownership and new leadership, Continental Floral Greens grows and operates in California, Oregon, Florida, and Washington. We offer a breadth of high-quality greens you won’t find anywhere else.

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Our Promise

Exceptional greens,
every time.

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Consistency is important in our business, from how we manage our land down to the way each stem is picked. When our customers see a box that says “Continental Floral Greens,” we want them to be confident in the quality that’s inside before they even open it—the same length, the same presentation, the same quality of leaf and stem. Every time. 


Our best ideas
begin on the farm.

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The world of Continental Floral Greens is growing. With the January 2015 merger between Continental Floral Greens and Pacific Mountain Products, we’ve undertaken a strategic shift in our philosophy. We’re using our combined years of ingenuity and excellence to set the stage for a whole new world of greens.

Working together as farmers, global distributors, manufacturers, and sellers, we’ve set out to bring an unparalleled new level of quality and breadth of product to our customers—an extraordinary floral experience, from farm to vase.


“The term ‘one-stop shop’ is cliché, but it really does apply to us. Because we grow so much, across so many places, we can fulfill all the weekly foliage needs of a customer with just one email or phone call.”

Scott Schauer

Fourth generation General Manager
working with Pacific Northwest Greens


Our Culture

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At Continental Floral Greens we are innovative, passionate and in constant pursuit of excellence. We work together, as a team, to achieve more than we can individually. Our purpose is to inspire the world to see greens and flowers as ingredients for a happy, mindful, nourished life. Learn more.

The grass is greener here.

We’re changing the way our industry thinks about floral greens—and we can’t do it alone. To succeed at Continental Floral Greens, you need to be a creative, collaborative problem-solver with a passion for delivering extraordinary results—every day, with every customer. If that sounds like you, come join us.


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