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The warehouses smell of Christmas evergreens almost 12 months of the year, keeping the team constantly aware of the next Christmas season and the planning needed to make it a success. Christmas is big in our Belfair, Washington location, but week to week brush is king and is brought to the facility 52 weeks a year.

Our largest distribution center is surrounded by forests of Douglas Fir and plentiful Salal in the understory. Native and wild in the Pacific Northwest, we harvest Salal, Huckleberry, and Beargrass year-round, along with other forest products such as Sphagnum Moss, Flat Fern, Rush, and Willow. Our brush is shipped globally and all starts in our backyard: the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. The only break for Salal and Huck comes during the soft season, May through Mid-July, when Salal, Huck, and other forest products cannot be harvested due to new growth that will become the following season's harvest. During this soft season, we are able to harvest and store Salal to continually supply our customers, as our warehouses in Shelton, WA house over 100,000 square feet of refrigeration

We’re proud to bring you a full range of greens, including holiday evergreens, from our Washington farms and facilities.

Pacific Northwest
Managed Forestland
2.5 Million Acres
Popular Varieties
Salal, Huckleberry, Beargrass
MPS-A Certified
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