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From blooming branches to Boxwood and the signature Oregonia, our offering is unique, colorful and a perfect assortment to add to the robust greenery offered by Continental Floral Greens.

Still known to many as Oregon Roses, this beautiful farm is situated outside of Forest Grove, Oregon. Surrounded by pastoral views of agriculture, mountains and forests, the location is ideal for the unique and high-quality floral products that have grown on this land over the last 80 years.

We’re proud to bring you a full range of greens, and a few flowers, grown in Oregon.

Pacific Northwest
Popular Varieties
Oregonia, Boxwood, Forsythia, Peonies
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Our Sustainability Practices

Learn about our day-to-day practices that contribute to the well-being of our farms, people and planet.

Crisp greens leafs lay on top of each other.

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