Growing a Legacy

We work together to deliver on a promise: to offer the highest quality, widest variety, and the very best customer experience.

These have been our guiding principles since we started as a family business over 60 years ago.

Building relationships with our customers has been a success in our own domestic market and strengthened our partnerships. With the addition of our European office we will now be able to service our customers overseas in a more meaningful way.

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PNW Features

PNW Features

How We Measure Up

Explore The Numbers That Set Us Apart

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1 European Distribution Center, Netherlands

2 East Coast distribution centers- Miami, FL, Sparta, NC

4 West Coast distribution centers - Belfair, WA, Shelton, WA, Forest Grove, OR, Watsonville, CA, 

60+ years of floral greens experience

1,100 acres of CFG-owned farms

9,000 acres of High Mountain Blue Noble®

300,000 square feet of refrigeration

2.5 million acres of managed forestland in the Pacific Northwest

Operations in Washington, Oregon, California, Florida, and North Carolina


Private Land Management

We not only have our own farms for greens and High Mountain Blue Noble®, we manage more than 2 million acres of forest throughout the Pacific Northwest. By managing this land we offer sustainable harvest strategies and security to maintain and improve these forests.

In return, we have the ability to harvest salal and other small forest products from these acres. In many cases, our harvest and safety protocols have set the standard for many of the largest timberland companies.

A sustainable harvest plan can improve the health and growth of the trees, the brush and the wildlife – ensuring we have beautiful and functioning forests far into the future.



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In the PNW we hold an MPS-A+ rating for the sustainability and low environmental impact of all our Western greens. MPS helps monitor and reduce use of water, energy, fertilizers and crop protection agents.

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American Tree Farm System

Our High Mountain Blue Noble® tree farm is an American Tree Farm System-Certified Family Forest.

Members of the American Tree Farm System manage their lands by American Forest Foundation Standards of Sustainability for Forest Management. This includes protecting and managing the water, wood, and wildlife on our farm.

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