Culture & Careers

Our Purpose

At Continental Floral Greens we are innovative, passionate and in constant pursuit of excellence. We work together, as a team, to achieve more than we can individually. Our purpose is to inspire the world to see greens and flowers as ingredients for a happy, mindful, nourished life.

Our People

People are our greatest asset. We want our people to feel good about themselves and their workplace. We treat each other with respect, we are honest in our interactions and we follow through on commitments so that our work environment is welcoming and productive.

We are passionate in our commitment to customer service and dedicated to exceptional quality, for every order, and every customer. We perform our roles with dedication every day, and work together, as a team, to achieve more than we can individually.

The individual must be respected.
Superior quality without compromise.
The customer must be given an extraordinary experience.
Excellence and superior performance must be pursued.

Current Openings

We are a lean green machine; everyone steps in to get the job done. We listen to new ideas and solutions, even if it is not 'your department'. We all come from different walks of life, which we see as a beautiful resource. There is no set career path here at CFG. You can expect to get your hands dirty in almost every department and aspect of CFG. There are several ways up the mountain and employees are encouraged to explore all routes.

Our Team


Photo of Jim Milgard

Jim Milgard

Owner / CEO

Photo of Jose Porras

Jose Porras


Photo of FJ Trzuskowski

FJ Trzuskowski

VP, Sales

Photo of Troy Turnbull

Troy Turnbull

VP, NW Timberlands

Photo of Sarah Keefer

Sarah Keefer

Director, Marketing

Photo of Scott Schauer

Scott Schauer

Branch Manager, WA

Photo of Cindy Smith

Cindy Smith

Branch Manager, CA

Photo of Suzie Nichols

Suzie Nichols

Branch Manager, FL

Photo of Yerandy Palenzuela

Yerandy Palenzuela

Branch Manager, Miami

Photo of Julianne Fritz

Julianne Fritz

Director, Human Resources

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