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Certified American Grown

By Certified American Grown • Summer 2021

Over the years, your flowers and foliage have slowly shifted from being locally grown to being primarily imported from foreign countries. In fact, only about 22 percent of the flowers and foliage sold in the United States are grown here. What can you do?

Choose American Grown for your bouquets or bunches. 

Your choice helps support domestic family farms who work hard every day – investing their time, energy and passion into producing the freshest, highest quality and most beautiful stems so you and your family have home grown flowers and foliage to enjoy.

Certified American Grown is here to ensure our farmers’ viability now and in the future so American Grown flowers and foliage can be part of your everyday life and special events.

Learn more about American Grown Flowers and Certified American Grown here.

Plowing new land for planting

Continental Floral Greens has farms in Washington, Oregon, California and Florida, and we have been a member of Certified American Grown since December 16, 2014.

By Certified American Grown