noble fir tree farm vista and mountainside full of noble fir trees

Working together across our forests and farms, we bring decades of experience to create a Christmas experience to remember. We grow and harvest with great care, and craft each wreath, garland and novelty item by hand, and have been for more than 30 years.

Our Belfair & Shelton WA location are the hubs of production, but our farm overlooking Mt. St. Helen's is where it begins with our High Mountain Blue Noble harvest.

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Our Holiday Offering

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High Mountain Blue Noble®

We grow our noble in its native environment, at the ideal elevation over 3,000 feet. Our noble farm is unique - growing in nutrient-rich volcanic soil that surrounds Mt. St. Helens.

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Seasonal Labor

We typically employ over 800 people to help us deliver a successful Christmas. Many of our seasonal workers return year after year, and their decades of experience in selective harvesting, wreath crafting, and bouquet making results in the highest quality product.

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The natural beauty and sustainability of our 9,000 acre tree farm is just as important as the vitality of our trees and understory of our forests. All of our Christmas greens earn a prestigious MPS-A+ rating for sustainable operations.

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Planning for Success

Christmas is a year-round topic at Continental Floral Greens, as planning happens almost 365 days a year. To ensure a successful holiday season, planning ahead is key.

Read more about successful planning here.

Product Offering

We offer a wide range of hand-made holiday items from traditional wreaths and garlands, to mantlepieces and centerpieces. For those looking for bulk and bouquet grade evergreen products, we take pride in our decades of experience harvesting only the best boughs for your creations. 

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